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Two artifacts from the SanXingDui site reveal the use of the linear Babel Text alongside early Chinese cursive symbols.


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During my recent trip to China, I uncovered evidence that the Babel Text was used at the the Emei religious site in site, and at SanXingDui which is a four to five hours drive to the North of Emei.

The reason for wanting to visit the SanXingDui site was to see the geometrical lines that are engraved on various artefacts. These Chinese artifacts date to the beginning of the more famous Mesopotamian civilisation. 

Here, the study concentrates on two samples from SanXingDui. These are the lines found on four sides of a stool on which there is a tall bronze statue, and a bronze wheel-type artefact, which is believed to be a ritual wheel, as the wheel is too thin to have served as a wheel for a cart.

A preliminary analysis of the lines on the stool, shows these lines are not random and they align to the astronomical values that I have discussed previously in The Babel Texts, and The Map That Talked. For the study that confirms ancient geometric patterns are a form of text see “New Study Reveals Stone Age People Could Read“.


As can be see, the lines are align consistently to the same values, and the two primary astronomical terms being highlighted are the sidereal month and the 18.6 year lunar cycle. The sidereal month is the primary astronomical value that the first astronomers use to determine the location of Earth in its orbit around the sun, and its full and half values (at 27.32 and 13.66 days) can be seen quite clearly by an astronomer by the position that the moon sets changing from the north of due west to the south of due west each 13.66 days.

These angular values are found in many ancient geometric patterns, with the oldest geometrics dating to circa 350,000 years old.

The second item studied from the Emeisan Museum collection is a “ritual wheel”. The reason why this is not considered to be a functioning wheel is the metal is too thin to support any weight, and as can be seen in the figures below there is no single center to which the spokes align.

In this case, the study is preliminary. The number of lines that can be created from this sample are too few to generate a dataset that can be used to create a statistical study. So, the intent is to only observe the angles, in order to see if other similar “Ritual Wheels” exhibit consistent angular values. At this time, few images of these wheels have been published, and it is not possible to do a substantial comparison.

The other point of interest is Ithe diameters of the “wheel” and “spoke” reflect the approximate diameters of the moon and the Earth. This is consistent with data extracted from Stonehenge, and the data obtained from the Jade Eagle found at Lingjiatan.

So, in conclusion the data does shows some agreement with the Babel Texts, but further work is required to determine if the same trend is found in other linear geometric patterns that have been uncovered at the SanXIngDui site.


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